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To all our friends and fellow petrol heads who find this link. Also to Bob and his sons who we met out there, what a great two days. Also thanks to Peter from Gran Turismo Events who arranged for Harry to ride with me as my passenger and to Rent4Ring for their help and advice.

On Sunday 16th September 2012 myself and my son Harry headed off to the Nordschleife for what was an amazing two days.




All set to leave and looking forward to a road trip to Nurburgring for 2 days of driving with very few other super and hyper cars.



Almost there. We left Folkstone at 8am on the Sunday to reach the Nurburgring by 2pm local time. You can just make out the name on the sign.

Nurburgring Road Sign

A room with a view. Arrived at the hotel at just after 2:30 and checked in.

Just your average hotel car park at Nurburgring.

Hotel carpark

We parked up the GTR at the end of a very long line of Porches..... are they common or what?

Car park line up.


With time on our hands we went off to the viewing area at Brunnchen. As luck would have it the track was closed due to an accident so all we saw was an empty track.

We went back to the hotel to look at a few other cars that had turned up for the event. The Porsche GT to the right costs about £300,000 and there were 3 of them running over the next two days. Unfortunately before the event is over one of them will have crashed.

Zonda and GTR

For some reason people seemed really keen to take pictures of the car next to ours!

We were all told in advance that they were using this event to launch the new Porsche 918 Spyder. There was a room packed with owners of super cars so what better place to do it.

Launch Porsche 918

Other drivers start to gather for the launch.

Getting ready to pull the cover they ask for two people to assist.

918 Launch

When they see Harry standing at the front he is invited up to unveil the new 918 to the world. This is going to give him bragging rights at school for the next year!

The photo is not great as I was trying to video and photograph at the same time. Not a good idea.

A slightly better close up of the 918 with Harry next to it.


The 918 in all its glory. We were given a technical brief about the car.

Ok so he is at the Nurburgring and has just unveiled Porsche's new hyper car. How can you top that?

How about meeting Sabine Schmitz who I had asked if we could go round the track with. She kindly agreed. She is not only a great driver but a genuinely lovely lady.


Car Park Nurburgring

We then head back to the track and look at some of the other cars getting ready to go out.

Another Porsche GT .... oh and Harry in the foreground.

GT Porsche
Lambo Radical

The Radical above would go past us later on the track. I don't think I have ever seen anything move so quickly on a track.

Track prepared BMW to the left.

It's time to get our Nissan GTR ready and get kitted up. We met with Sabine and were able to do 4 laps with her.

Sabine GTR Sabine (left and below) took us out first for a lap and then changed over so I drove for 2 laps.


Sabine and me in the GTR.

Sabine in carSabine
Harry in back Harry tucked in the back. About the only person small enough to get in the back of a GTR.

After an amazing 4 laps, Harry, Sabine and me.

After the laps

After the laps we checked out the other cars that had turned up.

Below are just some of the amazing cars that were to be seen on the track that day. This had been billed as an event like no other and it was proving to be accurate.


GT Car Park
....Car Park Track Cars

Time for us to get back out on the track and start clocking up the laps.

GTR front
Harry in seat Harry had a special seat fitted with a 5 point harness to ensure he was secure. I also kept my really quick laps for when I went round on my own on the last day.

We got in 13 laps on day one and got some great video footage which will be posted later.

End of day one
Car Park A busy car park at the Nurburgring day 1.

Going round the Karussell at the end of day 1 at Nurburgring taken by the track photographer.

GTR on Karussell

Start of Day 2

We awoke to find the whole area in a cloud!

That's going to make driving challenging. All we could hope was the sun would burn it off quickly.


By 9am it was starting to clear and we made our way to the track.


We are in the car by 9:45 am and off again.

car window


In Car day 2

I had given Harry the iPhone to take a few snaps on the way round. Notice one thing the absence of other cars. For at least 4 laps we did not see a single other car. It was like having the Nordschleife to ourselves.

Tiergarten As we head up to the start at T13 Tiergarten is empty. We would do most of this lap and see only two other cars.

T13 Entry.

Flugplatz Just going over Flugplatz.

Entering Schwedendreuz PS3 players eat your heart out :)

Sweedish Cross

Down into the foxhole and yes I did lift off before we got to the bottom.

Only when we enter Metsgesfeld do we see our first other car a red Ferrari.


This was caught and passed quite quickly with the driver helping us pass by pulling over and indicating. We are driving together and not against each other.

Shortly after we came across another Ferrari a black one this time on the approach to Kallendard.

These were the only two cars we saw on that lap. There would have been others out but we never closed in on them.



Just entering the famous Karussell.

Bend unsure I am not 100% certain which bend this is but it looks great.

A great run down at Kesselchen.

Kesselchen2 A bit further along the same section with the track to ourselves.

Under the gantry at the entrance to the long straight Dottinger Hote.

The two photos below, Harry took of me somewhere along Dottinger . . . we think.

Me Me again

After getting in another 13 laps on day 2 I went out on my own to do 2 quick laps and a cool down lap. I got round in a time of .......

This is the photo Harry took of me getting back after my laps.

Getting back
Harry me and GTR

End of day 2. We found a nice lady who said she would take a photo of the 3 of us together. Harry, me and the GTR.


Thanks again Sabine ...

and thank you Gran Turismo Events

Last but not least thank you to Rent4Ring for all their help with the car and for the good sound advice.



Yes we had permission to take Harry out of school.
Yes he made up the school work, some in advance and the rest this coming weekend. It was his 12th birthday and we had the best time you can imagine. My son and I will never forget it.