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Nurburgring 2011


In 2011 myself and two friends, Tim and Kathy headed off to Nurburgring in a Nissan GTR and a slower Bentley Continental GT
Nurburgring safety car .......

Just arrived a the ring. It's good to see such a wise choice of safety car (left)

Watching the other cars on a typical tourist day.

Arrived a the hotel with my two friends Kathy and Tim. This new and large hotel was almost empty.

Next time we are staying at the Piston House in Nurburg itself.

Yellow Stig ......

Kathy does her Yellow Stig impression. We are going to try and make her the worlds fastest Canary Supporter...


More yellow stig.

You can see the Bentley sulking away in the background. It knows when its beaten.

In the distance is castle Nurburg.

Kathy - yellow stig in the foreground.


First morning and time to get on the track.

Tim here seen looking cool calm and collected despite the car he's in.

Nissan GTR and Bentely

GTR Leading the way with my mates Bentley some way behind trying to keep up.

Kathy in the car with me. You can't blame her really.

That's the Bentley in the background - the little silver effort :))


This photo does not really get across just how steep this part of the track is.

Nissan GTR  
Nissan GTR Nurburgring

Going into Karousel and just getting the inside front tyre to lift.

I had the car covered with some logos for a project we were working on for Norwich City FC at the time.


Now with Tim as my passenger a view from the rear showing a white GTR chasing us down the home straight.
. ....


A Nissan GTR can't do more than 3 laps of the Nurburgring on a single tank of fuel when going flat out.

You will run out of petrol on the track !

Thank you Tim for taking this photo of me after I ran out of fuel. I'm feeling the love.

Last lap of the day chasing down what I think is a gray BMW M5. Its hard to tell from the photos.
Closing in slowly.
Doing just on 140mph under the gantry
Looks like an BMW M5 but could be wrong.
....Nissan GTR

Kathy going round in a track prepared Suzuki Swift.

Right - at the start the Bentley can be seen in front holding up everyone as usual.

Left - Kathy going down the home straight.

Nissan GTR Kathy - on the Nurburgring

Worlds fastest Canary

Kathy got round the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 8 min 22 seconds.


Kathy relaxes on the floor of the bar at the hotel after a day on the track.

Right - what she photographed while she was down there.