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Poznan 2013


Nissan GTR


Godzilla GTR





Setting off from home I was due to meetup with my friend Chris in Berlin. Before I left I had the sides of the GTR dressed up a bit.

After giving the matter some careful thought I removed the badges of the other cars from Godzillas mouth. Godzilla GTR

I met up with Chris who had flown into Berlin as he was running a course. We were due to meet up with a group of drivers from Denmark for a party that evening.

They were a great bunch of guys and made us feel very welcome.

Chris next to a black Ferarri

super cars

The morning after the party we all met up and intended to drive across Berlin together. Unfortunatly the Berlin traffic lights had other ideas.

It was not long before we were split up. There was a new fast road from Berlin to Poznan which avoided the old road that was in bad condition. Unfortunatly no one told my Sat Nav that.

  Orange Porsche

Berlin group shot

This amazing car sounded just like it looked which is awsome! Super Car


Drivers Society The GTR is invited into the Drivers Society of Denmark and decals are applied.

The orange Porsche was driven by Jacob and Stacy a lovely couple from Monte Carlo. In the drive over from Berlin we got seperated and ended up on the worst road in the world.

We are going about 30mph as its like driving over a ploughed field. The car was being shaken to bits and we had to put up with this for over 100km.

Lost in Poland

We arrived at Poznan just as there was a terribe accident. The Poznan crash was well covered on YouTube and everyone was just pleased that no one was killed.

Later on we had a great dinner and again joined our friends from Denmark. Skoal - those guys really know how to party.

Parked up safely outside the hotel at Poznan.


Chris and I first day on the track.

Paul and Chris at track

Nissan GTR Godzilla The next few pictures are just shot over the following 3 days and in no particular order.
GTR In car
GTR GTR Black Edition
GTR vs Ferrari GTR vs Ferrari
In Car Inside the Nissan GTR

Peter of Gran Turismo thought it would be a good idea to have a helicopter to follow the cars round the tracka and film them.

The GTR can be seen in one of the YouTube links at the bottom of this page.


Dinner on the second night was in the old city of Poznan. A really great evening is wonderful surroundings.

Found in my car

Look what I found in my car at the start of day 3. How did that happen?

This picture somehow got posted on Facebook and my wife did not think it was so great.

So I found Jacob below in my car later that day.

My wife thought Jacob looked much better in my car. I can not imagine why?

Below my R888 tyres on the Nissan GTR finally give up. Time to change them as I need to drive home the next day. Its possible they may not be 100% road legal in the UK.


Tyres R888 Tyres

Oh this also happened.

Bad timing on my part as they only just get them changed in time for me to take part in the parade lap at the end for a quick hot lap. R888 Tyre Change
R888 Tyre Change Start
Hot Lap Start
lap time My best lap for the 3 days was 1:50.03 - arghhhh I so wanted to get under 1:50.
I think it was Thomas who gave me this. He teaches track driving and it sums it all up. A very good driver who I beleive the judges awarded second place overall to. Advice
Party A big party to end the event before the drive to a castle for dinner the following day. Then the long drive home.
Party Party

Last night in the castle and then off home. I made sure I put in the fast road to Berlin. I needed to drive south for about 100km to pick the new Autoban up.

So I carefully followed my satnav...

The A road turned in to a B road and in Poland this counts a B road. A tractor or 4x4 would have got through but not the GTR. I spent the next 2 hours back tracking and could not trust my satnav so had to buy a paper map and go from town to town.

It took me over 12 hours of driving non-stop to get from Poznan to Norwich a distance of just over 1000 miles.


B Road

Home at last. Next year Spa in Belgium.


Fast Lap at Poznan with helicopter following