Paint Protection Rescue Job

I am writing this because I don't want anyone else to go through the hassle and massive disappointment I went through. After waiting for over a year for my new Nissan GTR to my exact spec to be delivered, I wanted to be sure it was going to stay in good condition.

The first company I took it to seemed very qualified to do the work but after three botched attempts they made a complete mess of the car. My money was refunded and after I named and shamed them on this site I got a long overdue letter of apology and I agreed to remove their details as a result. The person who ran this company also promised to get further training before doing the same to anyone else's car.

If you are thinking of having your car wrapped be very careful about who you get to do it. All vehicle wrappers are not the same as can be seen from the mess below. I was going to give up when one of the manufacturers recommended PaintShield at Peterborough to me. See below for how it should be done.

Venture Shield Venture Shield
Venture Shield Venture Shield

I did not hold out much hope to be honest as I had heard it all before. I am pleased to say I could not have been more wrong. The attitude of Tom, his staff and the care and professionalism they showed were just what I had been looking for. PaintShield identified 138 faults in the above work, any one of which should have been cause for rejection, hairs, dirt, stretch marks, edges lifting. To sum up it was one of the worst paint protection jobs they had ever seen.


Here is how it should be done. Paintshield really care about who installs the film and the quality of the final result. They send all their installers off to train before they are let near a car. They don't allow any cutting on the car, even a tiny speck of dust is enough for rejection. The premises are spotless and the staff clearly proud of the great work they do. They did such an outstanding job I decided to have the whole car protected. I brought it back a few weeks later and the first thing they did was search it for any sign of a problem with the work they had already done. They found one too! A tiny, tiny little edge showed signs of lifting. I was happy to leave it, in fact I could barely see it. No matter, off it came and the panel was re-done to perfection. I have now done over 8000 miles in the GTR, some on track days, and the result is zero stone chips, not a single mark, its perfect. It looks as good today as the day it was fitted.

Below is the final result. I would like to make it clear I am nothing to do with Paintshield and this page is being put up because I wanted to warn others and for no other reason.

Thank you to Paintshield who did a great job putting right the mess that was made of my car. They can be found here Tel 01733 390777 ask for Tom and please mention this site (I might get a discount on the next car I take them).

Paintshield Paintshield